Postulated by Dennis Fountaine of Rocket Science Labs, January 2007


The Cosmological Stack Theory (also known as The Cosmic Pancake Theory) put forth by Dennis Fountaine of Rocket Science Labs and The Planetary Preservation Foundation, suggests that at the creation event, some 14 Billion Years Ago, White Holes connected to another dimensional Universe through a Black Hole, systemically and explosively opened another new dimension of space-time fueling what is now known as The Big Bang, which in turn became our Universe.

Therefore, in some respects, there was a Big Bang, which was the actual opening of a White Hole in our space-time, which is what was to become our Universe.

The Stack Theory suggests that White Holes are theorized to be the reverse, opposite end of Black Holes, interconnecting Multi-Universes; just slightly out of phase/sync with one another.

What is sucked in under huge gravitational forces in one Universe is broken down to pure energy and matter in the Black Hole and is then ejected back out through a White Hole on the other end in another Universe.

This postulation makes The Cosmological Stack Theory to be one of few main theories, which makes sense since it encapsulates all of the known laws of Physics and is the only origin Theory which encompasses the known Universal Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy; wherein nothing - energy and matter - can be lost or destroyed.

Current theories state that anything and everything - all matter and energy - which is captured by a Black Hole is destroyed by the huge gravitational forces at work within the Black Hole.

The Stack Theory invokes the Universal Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy in a Black Hole and therefore justifies the existence of White Holes where the Energy is simply expelled out through the other, opposite end of the Black Hole in other dimensional Universes.

This ebb and flow of Energy and Matter being sucked in one place in space-time and expelled in another, constantly creates new Universes - even till this point in space-time - resulting in a symmetrical Multi-verse design of our Cosmos.

The Cosmic Egg Theory (The Big Bang) has been the most accepted and recognizable theory about how our Universe began. Monsignor Georges Lemaitre (1894-1966), a Catholic priest and president of the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Science, originated the concept of the Big Bang with his "Hypothesis of the Primeval Atom" which was based on the doctrine of the Catholic Church that the Universe was created by God from a single atom.

This original Cosmic Egg Theory (the Big Bang Theory) suggests an analogy of the creation event being like an egg hatching, unleashing the energy and matter which created our Universe.

Staying with the Breakfast Food analogy, The Cosmological Stack Theory suggests that there are Universes stacked on top of each other like Pancakes, as more and more are created.

These Stacked Pancakes (Universes) are continually stacked one on top of another, all interconnected - funneling matter and energy from one Universe to another and other Universes to ours.

The Cosmological Stack Theory also further speculates that there is an unseen symmetry (incorporating the Super Symmetric Particles Theory with the String Theory) or GOD to the Universe; from the actual COSMOS itself down to the diminutive structure of matter - it's all in perfect order - everything is symmetrical - designed and created by the hand of an entity that is beyond our scope of understanding, of which we are incapable of imagining or fully appreciating.

This universal symmetry mirrors itself in all aspects of the all-encompassing Universe.

The Stack Theory is similar to the Multi-Universe theory in that there are several Universes of matter and energy stacked (similar to the Multiverse Design and the Bubble Universe Theory) on top of each other and during the hypothesized Big Bang, the pressure which was keeping these Universes stacked together was released, freeing the Universes to repel apart, which then allowed our galaxies and solar systems to form.

The Cosmological Stack Theory however theorizes that the unimaginable unknown forces known as Dark Matter and Dark Energy are the actual gravitational representations of these other Universes, which overlay and underlay on our own, known Universe just like Pancakes.

The Stack Theory further speculates that these Pancake Stacked Universes are all collectively connected via Super Massive Black and White Holes, which is the "syrup" holding everything together - preventing these Universes from totally pulling apart as they funnel matter and energy from one Universe to another.

The Stack Theory also states that these Stacks of Universes have always existed and have gone through various stages of repeated evolutions - supporting the postulation that there was no real beginning as we would conceive it to the COSMOS. It simply has always been and will always be.

So the next time you sit down at the breakfast table and have those Blueberry Pancakes, just think - you might be eating someone else's Universe.

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